Welcome To RoadPeace North East.

At RoadPeace North East we seek to provide support to victims of road crashes and their families, friends and communities. Serious and fatal road crashes are sudden and unnatural, leaving those affected not knowing where to turn to. RoadPeace North East is there to help those in the region.

As well as offering support RoadPeace North East seeks to promote road danger awareness and road safety through the provision of information and resources, presentations and community engagement.

A road death is not like a normal death.  It is a violent death – as violent as murder, and like murder, totally unexpected.  The bereaved need help, care and support at such a terrible time, especially as they face unfamiliar procedures – inquests, investigations and hearings – where knowledge of what is going on, and what their rights are, can prevent further suffering.

– Brigitte Chaudhry