Book of Remembrance

By remembering loved ones it means they are not truly lost, and their love, friendship and memories can be immortalised and be shared through the generations. This Online Book of Remembrance is used for families to be able to leave a short lasting tribute to those who have lost their lives on the roads.

Those remembered below are listed by their date of death, with those deaths which have happened more recently listed first.

If anyone would like to include a tribute of anyone lost in a road crash, no matter whether recently or many years ago, please contact us with:

  1. Name of your lost loved one with date of birth and death
  2. A photograph which can be displayed (Min. 500px wide)
  3. A short dedication
  4. A copy of the Death Certificate (simply to verify details)

At RoadPeace North East we are grateful to Poet Laureate, Carol-Ann Duffy, who accepted a commission kindly Sponsored by Thompsons Solicitor, which can be used by families for support and reflection:


GRIEF, by Carol-Ann Duffy

World is grief without you in it,

immediate, the exact wound of your absence.

I marry grief, I do, or I am its parent,

rocking back and forth with grief in my arms.

Time has given its hours to grief like cut flowers.


What would you say to me, though your clothes

are empty of you now, suddenly, as if

you vanished where you stood, leaving this jacket,

jumper, shirt, scent of you in a scarf?

I add grief to it as I breathe you in.


Live through this grief for love? But grief

has placed a stone on my heart, unbearable;

it hurts, hurts, hurts in its grief-thud, till I fall,

measure grief’s grave with my body. Above

grief’s ashen moon, grief’s stricken sun, in the same sky.


Nick Davidson | 26th March 1986 – 16th August 2014

Nick was a beautiful amazing son, brother, uncle and grandson. He made us so proud.

Nick loved life and had a friendly and kind nature. He had such a charismatic character and everyone warmed to him immediately. He was a genuinely nice lad with so many friends. He would always go out of his way to help others.

Nick loved spending time with family and friends and, in his spare time, if not spending time with them he would be working on some kind of project or other.

Nick left us way too soon, tragically in a RTC.

Loved too dearly to be forgotten and always in our hearts.


Jake Thompson | 5th August 1983 – 25th May 2011

The Brightest Star Shining in the Sky

Jake was an amazing son and wonderful brother to Jane. He always had time to help and support others. He was inspirational, working with children who had been excluded from main stream education, assisting them to achieve their potential.

Jake will always be remembered and loved by family, friends and colleagues.
Loved Beyond Words.
Missed Beyond Measure.

Jake’s life which, he loved, came to an end by a driver’s folly.